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Day 6: Sourdough Mother – Ready to go!

November 25, 2010
Day 6
The mother should now be ready to use in your bread making – it should be bubbly and smell strong and sour.
After making a loaf, you will need to replenish the Mother with half and half flour and water, in equal quantities to the amount yo took out – so if you make the white loaf for example, which uses 100g of the Mother, you will have to replace it with 50g flour and 50ml water. The type of flour you use for replenishment depends on which loaf you plan to make next: for a white loaf use strong white flour; for brown, use 25g strong white flour and 25g wholemeal flour.

Finally the day has come to make my first loaf of bread with my very own sourdough starter.
I had a bit of a fright at first, as the starter didn’t seem to look right. Not enough bubbles I thought. But upon closer inspection, I think it’s looking great. And ready. And the smell seems right: sour and fruity. So here I go, making a loaf of bread.

However I didn’t read the instructions properly, and have replenished the Mother slightly differently to the instructions. I have used 25g wholemeal flour, 25g rye flour, 50g strong white flour and 100ml water. Hope it will be all right. Luckily I am using a very large jar…
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